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Yogurt production line
Yogurt production line
Yogurt production line
First, classification of packaging materials for yogurt production line
    1. According to the packaging form: glass bottle, plastic bottle, plastic coated carton, plastic film packaging, multi-layer composite paper (with aluminum foil) packaging.
    2, according to the state of the organization: agitated yoghurt production line, solidified yoghurt production line, drinking yoghurt production line.
Second, the production process of yogurt production line
    The yoghurt process is as follows:
        Pure culture of lactic acid bacteria - mother fermenting agent - production of starter - raw milk pretreatment - standardization - ingredients - homogenization - sterilization - cooling - adding starter - filling - in the fermentation room Fermentation - Cooling - Post-ripening - Solidified yogurt / Fermentation in fermenter - Cooling - Adding fruit mix - Filling - Post-cooking - Stirring yogurt.
Third, the yogurt production line process characteristics
    1. After the raw milk is inspected, the pretreatment including I milk sequence, such as net milk, cooling and storage should be carried out. The purified milk after filtration and centrifugation should be rapidly cooled to 2-3*C for storage.
    2. The purpose of standardization is to make the quality of the product meet the standard requirements, and will not fluctuate depending on the source of the raw materials.
    3. The purpose of homogenization is to use the powerful mechanical operation of the homogenizer to break the fat globules in the milk into fine particles, prevent the fat from agglomerating and floating, ensure the uniform and delicate white sensory quality, and further improve the digestion of milk. Absorptive.
    4. The solidified yoghurt is filled after the raw milk is sterilized and inoculated. The filling temperature can be slightly higher than the fermentation temperature to compensate the temperature difference of the pipeline; and the stirred yoghurt is only filled after fermentation and cooling.
Fourth, the main equipment of the yogurt production line
    Fermenter, sandwich pot, ultra-high temperature instant sterilizer, sterilizer, direct-cooling milk tank, homogenizer, filling machine, etc.

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