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Walnut milk production line
Walnut milk production line
Walnut milk production line
    The whole walnut milk production line is made up of the most advanced equipment at home and abroad and is made of stainless steel. The line is highly automated and is automatically controlled by a microcomputer. The production area is divided into quasi-clean areas and clean areas, and the filling room is equipped with a purification device to meet the QS technical specifications. The production line is equipped with a CIP cleaning system, which is strictly cleaned and disinfected to ensure that the product quality meets the national sanitary requirements. The output of the equipment is large, each can produce 30-600 cans of cans, up to 1-8 tons of beverages per hour; fully meet the market
First,packaging materials suitable for walnut mil
    According to the packaging materials can be divided into: cans walnut milk production line, sterile brick walnut milk production line, plastic bag walnut milk production line, stand-up bag walnut milk production line, glass bottle walnut milk production line.
Second, the wild walnut milk production line process
    The walnut milk production line process has the following five stages:
        (1) Water treatment section
            Explosion steam pool - high pressure pump - quartz sand filter ◆ activated carbon filter precision filter + - grade reverse osmosis unit + + ultraviolet sterilization machine - + sterile storage.
        (2) Raw material processing section
            Walnut-soaking→cleaning→coarse grinding (colloidal grinding)→fine grinding→slurry separation→filtration→mixing tank→ultra-high temperature instant sterilizer-high-pressure high-pressure homogenizer-◆sterile storage tank.
        (3) Excipient processing section
            Gouache Mix - + Sugar = Filter.
        (4) Canned sterilization section
            Canned, sealed, sealed vacuum control at 0.030 ~ 0.035MPa. Sterilization: Sterilization type 10~20 minutes, back pressure cooling / 118" C. After sterilization, wipe the cans into the warehouse.
        (5) CIP cleaning section
            The CIP cleaning system is mainly used to clean the pipes, tanks and other equipment that produce the whole production line of walnut milk, so that the walnut milk production line is in a smooth state!
Third, the wild walnut milk production line process characteristics
    Our wild walnut milk production line uses internationally advanced processing technology to produce walnut milk, which maximizes the protection and utilization of the active ingredients in walnut. The product is convenient to drink, both hot and cold, can quench the thirst and can satisfy the hunger, rich in nutrients, suitable price, and the market prospect is very broad.
    Tips: We provide factory planning, plant design, technical support for process recipes, equipment installation and commissioning, and training of staff operations.

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