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UHT milk production line
UHT milk production line
UHT milk production line
UHT milk classification
    1, According to the packaging form: glass bottle, plastic bottle, plastic coated carton, plastic film packaging, aluminum foil packaging.
    2, according to the sterilization method is divided into:
        A. Ultra-high temperature instant sterilization: The flowing emulsion is sterilized for more than 135C for several seconds and packaged under aseptic conditions.
        B. Keep sterilized (secondary sterilization): The emulsion is pre-sterilized (or not sterilized), packaged in a closed container, and sterilized at a temperature not lower than 110C for more than 10 minutes.
Second, UHT milk production line process
    The system consists of five processing stations:
        (1) Water treatment section
            Explosion steam pool → quartz sand filtration - . Activated carbon filtration - . Precision filtration - + first-grade reverse osmosis + ultraviolet sterilization > aseptic storage.
        (2) raw material processing section → Milk preheated milk.
        (3) Standard chemical section - .Dispensing → UHT sterilization - , homogenization - . Sterile storage.
        (4) filling and sterilization packaging section filling → secondary sterilization.
        (5) CIP cleaning section
            CIP cleaning system (mains the piping and tanks used to clean the UHT milk production line)
Third, UHT milk process characteristics
    1. After the raw milk is inspected, the pretreatment including I milk sequence, such as net milk, cooling and storage should be carried out. The purified milk after filtration and centrifugation should be rapidly cooled to 2-3*C for storage.
    2. The purpose of standardization is to make the quality of the product meet the standard requirements, and will not fluctuate depending on the source of the raw materials.
    3. The purpose of UHT milk homogenization is to use the powerful mechanical operation of the homogenizer to break the fat globules in the milk into fine particles, prevent the fat from agglomerating and floating, ensure the uniform and delicate white sensory quality, and further improve the milk. Digestive absorption.
    4. The purpose of UHT is to kill all microorganisms (including propagules, pathogens, non-pathogens, spores). The general sterilization time is 4-10 seconds, and the sterilization temperature is 135-140C.
    5. UHT heating is carried out in two stages, the first - section preheats the milk to 80 ~ 85 * C, which contributes to the thermal stability of whey protein. Stimulates the spore-forming bacteria to revitalize and enhance the UHT sterilization effect. Then go to the second stage and heat the milk above the boiling point to 135~150C, killing all the microorganisms completely.

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