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Stirring yogurt production line
Stirring yogurt production line
Stirring yogurt production line
Overview of the yogurt production line:
Yogurt is a kind of fermented dairy product with high nutritional value and special flavor, which is made from milk as raw material and fermented by lactic acid bacteria. It is a food with certain health care effect.
Classification of yogurt:
According to the tissue state or production method of the product: solidified yogurt and stirred yogurt.
According to the fat content of the raw materials: full-fat yogurt, skim yogurt.
According to the type of strain: common yogurt, bifidobacterium yogurt, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus casei.
According to product sputum: natural pure yogurt, flavored yogurt, sugared yogurt and so on.
Yogurt production line - production process of stirred yogurt:
Raw material milk acceptance and purification → Standardization → Concentration → Preheating → Homogenization → Sterilization → Cooling → Adding starter → Constant temperature culture → Cooling, stirring (adding fruit, spices, etc.) → Filling → Refrigeration, post-cooking → Finished product.
Key points in the production process control of yogurt production line:
(1) Acceptance of raw milk
   1.1 The total dry matter content of fresh milk is ≥11.5%, and non-fat dry matter is ≥8.5%, otherwise it will affect the gelation of protein;
  1.2 No antibiotic residues are allowed;
  1.3 acidity ≤ 18 ° T;
  1.4 Do not use mastitis;
  1.5 The main raw materials for the production of yogurt;
  1.6 Sugar and fruit are often added 5-8% sucrose or glucose in yogurt production;
(2) skim milk powder
  Requirements: high quality, no antibiotics and preservatives;
  Objective: To improve the dry matter content; to improve the tissue state of the product; to promote the acid production of lactic acid bacteria. General addition amount: 1-1.5%;
(3) Concentration
  Objective: To increase the solid content and promote the fermentation solidification. Method: concentrated under reduced pressure.
(4) Preheating and homogenization
  Preheating purpose: to improve the homogenization effect; 55-60 degrees. Homogenization purpose: to maintain the stability of the mixture, homogenization conditions: 15-20MP.
(5) sterilization, cooling
  Sterilization is to kill all pathogenic bacteria and most of the bacteria in the raw milk, creating favorable conditions for fermentation. And sterilization can increase the hydration of proteins in milk.
Cooling temperature after sterilization: 43-45 degrees.
(6) starter and inoculation
  Inoculation amount: 1-3%.
  Factors affecting the amount of inoculation:
     1) culture temperature and time during fermentation;
     2) the acidogenic ability of the starter;
     3) the cooling rate of the product;
     4) The quality of the milk.
(7) Filling
  Filling containers: porcelain jars, glass bottles, plastic bottles, cartons, etc.;
  Filling methods: manual filling, semi-automatic filling machine, automatic filling machine, etc.
(8) Fermentation: Fermentation tank
  Culture temperature: determined by the strain and ratio used.
  Culture time: short-term culture: 41-42 degrees, 3 hours, long-term culture: 30-37 degrees, 8-10 hours. Influencing factors: inoculum size, activity of the starter, culture temperature.
(9) cooling
  Condition: 3-5 degrees. 5 degrees is the lower limit of mold and yeast growth
    1) inhibit the growth of lactic acid bacteria, reduce the activity of enzymes, and prevent excessive acid production;
    2) reduce the rate of fat floating and whey precipitation, and extend the shelf life;
    3) Promote the production of aroma substances;
(10) Refrigerated and cooked
  Conditions: 2-7 degrees, 12-24 hours。
The main equipment of the yogurt production line consists of:
  1. Homogeneous mechanical equipment;
  2, sterilization equipment;
  3. Yoghurt production line fermentation equipment
The yogurt production line mainly includes homogenization, cooling, fermentation, stirring and storage of various flavors of sterilized fresh milk, pasteurized milk, reduced milk, peanut milk and student milk. Our company specializes in the design and production of blended yogurt production line, peanut milk production line and milk production line.
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