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Puree walnut milk production line
Puree walnut milk production line
Puree walnut milk production line
     The most important raw material walnut in the raw milk walnut milk production line is a nutritious food raw material. Ancient Chinese people have long discovered that walnuts have a brain-enhancing effect. Li Shizhen said: Walnut can "invigorate the kidney and brain, and benefit wisdom." Many ancient people have also invented many ways to eat walnuts. For example, 500 grams of walnuts are broken and shelled to obtain kernels. Walnuts and rock sugar are mixed into walnut puree, sealed and stored in porcelain jars. Take two teaspoons each time. Boiling water and drinking clothes.
    The walnut milk produced by our company's walnut milk production equipment has extremely high nutritional value, with rich walnut flavor, soft fragrance, delicate taste and smooth entrance. It has unique advantages compared with other beverages. It has a wide edible range and is edible for infants, adolescents and the elderly. We use internationally advanced processing technology to produce walnut milk, which maximizes the protection and utilization of the active ingredients in walnuts.
First, according to packaging materials can be divided into:
    Cans walnut milk production line, sterile brick walnut milk production line, plastic bag walnut milk production line, stand-up bag walnut milk production line, glass bottle walnut milk production line.
Second, the original pulp walnut milk production line process
    The puree walnut milk production line is to first remove the miscellaneous walnut kernels by immersing in the N a 0 H diluted solution, peeling, refining, blending with appropriate amount of sugar, stabilizer and purified water, then performing high pressure homogenizer and finally sterilization. The pot is sterilized to obtain the walnut milk beverage, which preserves the original protein, microstar elements and vitamins in the walnut, and the flavor is white, which is a new method for deep processing of walnut.
    Process flow:
        Walnut - → broken shell - + walnut kernel to miscellaneous - peeled → rinse - coarse grinding - fine grinding - + ingredients - homogenization - filling - + sterilization - cooling - - inspection - - finished products.
Third, the original pulp walnut milk production line process characteristics
    1, soak disinfection
        Remove the insects, mildew and fruit, soak for 10 minutes with 1% sodium hydroxide and 1% sodium amide solution, rinse and rinse with 0.35% peroxydiacid for 10 minutes, rinse with water.
    2, boiling water Boiled water
        Boiled water 20~ 30 seconds in boiling water to remove the smell.
    3, Refining
        Grinding with a grinding wheel, grinding with water, adding Mercury is about 8 times the walnut kernel. Then finely grind with a colloid mill.
    4, Separation of pulp residue
        The slag is separated using a slag separator.
    5, ingredients
According to the walnut kernel 8 kg, milk powder 2.5 kg, sucrose 6 kg, vitamin C 0.02 kg, ethyl maltol 0.01 kg ratio, weigh milk powder, sucrose and other accessories, mix evenly and then into the batching tank. Mix well and adjust the pH to 6.8~7.2.
    6. Emulsified homogenization
        In a homogenizer. The pressure is 180~220 kg/cm2. The fineness of the particles can be up to 2 mm.
    7, pre-sterilization
        In order to control the carrier liquid and oxidative discoloration during canning, pre-sterilization is required before filling. The condition is 75 to 80 ° C for 15 minutes.
    8, canning, sterilization
        Canned, sealed, sealed vacuum control at 0.030 ~ 0.035MPa. Sterilization: Sterilization type 10~20 minutes, back pressure cooling / 118C. Wipe the cans into the warehouse in time after sterilization.
Fourth, product quality requirements: 
    Milky white, with rich walnut flavor, slightly sweet, no odor; uniform stable emulsion, no precipitation stratification. The soluble solids are 8% to 12% (by refractometer) and the protein is 1.5% or more.
    Note: We provide factory planning, plant design, process formulation technical support, equipment installation and commissioning, and training of staff operations.

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