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Pasteurized milk production line
Pasteurized milk production line
Pasteurized milk production line
First, the pasteurized milk classification
    1, According to the packaging form: glass bottle, plastic bottle, plastic coated carton, plastic film packaging, aluminum foil packaging.
    2, according to the sterilization process is divided into: low temperature long-term sterilization milk (LTLT), high temperature short-time sterilization milk (HTST) and ultra-pasteurized milk.
Second, the pasteurized milk production process
    The system consists of five processing stations:
         (1) Water treatment section
            Explosion steam pool → quartz sand filtration - + activated carbon filtration + precision filtration, grade reverse osmosis + ultraviolet sterilization - - sterile storage.
        (2) Raw material processing section
            Milk - preheating a milk.         (3) Standard chemical section
            Blending (mixing tank) one + ultra high temperature instant sterilization one + vacuum degassing - + homogenization - sterile storage.
        (4) Filling sterilization packaging section.
            Filling~ secondary sterilization.
        (5) CIP cleaning section
            The CIP cleaning system is used to clean the tanks and pipelines of the entire pasteurized milk production line, so that the production line will always be in a smooth state.
Third, the characteristics of pasteurized milk technology
    The complete equipment production process we provide meets the requirements of food production, and the contact parts with the materials are made of stainless steel 304 or 316. It can be installed on site and technically trained to implement turnkey projects.
    1. After the raw material emulsion is qualified, pretreatment including I milk sequence, such as net milk, cooling and storage should be carried out. The purified milk after filtration and centrifugation should be rapidly cooled to 2-3*C for storage.
    2. The purpose of standardization is to make the quality of the product meet the standard requirements, and will not fluctuate depending on the source of the raw materials.
    3. The purpose of pasteurized milk homogenization is to use the powerful mechanical operation of the homogenizer to break the fat globules in the milk into fine particles, prevent the fat from agglomerating and floating, and ensure the even and delicate white sensory quality of the product, and further improve. Digestive absorption of milk.
    4, the purpose of pasteurization is to kill pathogenic bacteria, especially tuberculosis, while minimizing the number of spoilage bacteria. A, low temperature long-term sterilized milk (LTLT): 62~65*C, 30minB, high temperature short-time sterilized milk (HTST); 80-85'C, 10~15sC, superba sterilized milk: 125~138*C, 2 ~4s.
Fourth, Pap's milk production process
    Milk measurement - net milk - buffer - cooling - milk storage - standardization - temporary storage - homogenization - pasteurization - finished product - filling

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