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Milk production line
First, the milk production line classification
    1. Milk production line pasteurized milk
        It is sterilized by pasteurization and needs to be refrigerated at 4'C-10C. It is currently more popular. Maximum retention of nutrients in milk.
        The milk with a short shelf life is mostly homogenized "milk" disinfected by pasteurization. Disinfection with this method can make the nutrients in milk more ideally preserved. It is the most advanced milk disinfection method in the world.
        The so-called homogenization of the milk production line refers to the new process of milk processing, which is to smash the fat globules in the milk, so that the fat is fully dissolved into the protein, thereby preventing the fat from sticking and coagulating, and is also more beneficial to the body's absorption. Generally within 48 hours.
        Their nutritional value is not much different from fresh milk. The loss of B vitamins is only about 10%, but some physiologically active substances may be inactivated.
    2. Milk production line at room temperature milk
        Ultra-high temperature sterilization method can kill all harmful bacteria, and the shelf life is extended to 6 - 12 months without refrigeration. But nutrients can be greatly lost.
    3, milk production line to restore milk
        Milk powder should not be used for pasteurized milk, but normal temperature milk, yogurt and other dairy products are available, but the raw materials must be marked as “reconstituted milk” or water and milk powder”
    4, milk production line fresh milk
        In many developed countries, unsterilized raw milk is the most popular among consumers, but it is also the most expensive. The newly extruded milk contains antibacterial active substances such as lysozyme and can be stored at 4'C for 24 hours to 36 hours. This milk does not require heating, is not only nutritious, but also retains some traces of physiologically active ingredients in milk, which is good for children's growth.
    5, milk production line sterilized milk
        In order to meet the needs of office workers, many manufacturers produce a bag that has a long shelf life. The long-term Bailey bag milk has been fully sterilized in the processing process, and the bacteria that are beneficial to the human body are basically destroyed by the "net", and the nutrients of the milk are also destroyed.
Milk production line
    Suitable for milk packaging: Tetra Pak. Bailey packaging. Roof box packaging.
    Packaging materials: aluminum foil packaging, plastic packaging, glass bottle packaging.
Second, the milk production line process
    Raw milk - blending - filtration - homogenization - temporary storage - UHT - degassing - filling
Third, the milk production line process characteristics
    1. After the raw material milk is qualified, pretreatment including I milk sequence, such as net milk, cooling and storage should be carried out. The purified milk after filtration and centrifugation should be rapidly cooled to 2-3*C for storage.
    2. The purpose of standardization is to make the quality of the product meet the standard requirements, and will not fluctuate depending on the source of the raw materials.
    3. The purpose of homogenization of pasteurized milk is to use the powerful mechanical operation of the homogenizer to break the fat globules in the milk into fine particles, prevent the fat from agglomerating and floating, and ensure the even and delicate white sensory quality of the product, while further Improve the digestion and absorption of milk.
    4. The purpose of pasteurization is to kill pathogenic bacteria, especially tubercle bacilli, while minimizing the number of spoilage bacteria. A, low temperature long-term sterilization milk (LTLT) ¥ 62 ~ 65 'C, 30min B, high temperature short-term sterilization milk (HTST): 80 ~ 85 ° C, 10 ~ 15sC, super pasteurized milk: 125 ~ 138C, 2 ~ 4s.
Fourth, milk production line equipment composition
    Milk production lines are generally composed of fermenters, sandwich pots, ultra-high temperature instant sterilizers, sterilizers, storage tanks, and other stand-alone equipment such as stainless steel tanks and pipes.

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