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Yangmei juice production line
Yangmei juice production line
Yangmei juice production line
The processing technology of Yangmei raw juice is:
    Fresh bayberry is screened, cleaned and cleaned - denuclearized, beaten - juiced - colloid mill + sterilization - aseptic filling.
Yangmei juice blending beverage processing technology:
    Bayberry juice, white sugar and accessories-→mixing-filtering-Ultra-high pressure homogenization-+Care air degassing→Ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization→Filling→Lighting inspection→Inverted bottle sterilization→Spray cooling-+Drying coding+ Sleeve → shrink mark → box.
Grape juice production line processing technology:
    Raw material selection cleaning De-stalking Picking fruit Breaking Preheating enzymes Belt-type juices Concentration Dispensing Degassing Homogenization Filling finished products. It includes raw material pretreatment system, crushing and beating system, concentrated evaporation system, compounding system, homogeneous degassing system and sterilization filling system. 
    Finished product: raw juice, concentrated juice, juice drink, etc. Capacity: 10 tons / day 2500 tons / day.
    Juice yield: about 75% (25% fruit peel and core) Raw material solid content: 10-12 Brix, final concentrated juice concentration: 65~72 Brix.
    Finished packaging: aseptic bag / hall / glass / PET bottle.
    Capacity / packaging form: customized / customer defined according to customer needs
Grape juice production line system features:
    * Processing stars from 10 tons / day to 2,500 tons / day.
    * Add individual devices to handle similarly similar fruits, such as pineapples.
    * Increase juice extraction efficiency and juice yield with a belt juicer.
    *The whole process of PLC control in the production process, all electrical components are imported products, saving labor and greatly reducing the difficulty of operation technology.
    * Low temperature vacuum concentration to ensure flavor substances and nutrients, and greatly save energy.
    * Tube sterilization and aseptic filling to ensure the sterility of the product.
    * Comes with automatic cleaning system.
    *The contact parts of the system materials are all made of 304 stainless steel, which fully meets the requirements of food hygiene and safety.

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