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Passion fruit production line
Passion fruit production line
Passion fruit production line
     This set of production line is designed by our company in combination with advanced technology at home and abroad, specially designed for the processing of passion fruit juice beverage.
     The main processing technology is to take out the fresh fruit and then take out the pulp (including juice and seeds) through the cut-off juice extractor. The pulp is beaten to obtain the original juice thick pulp. After the seeds are separated, the fruit powder can be made and the fruit oil can be extracted. After the peel is broken, it can be beaten. As a result slurry, it can also be directly dried to produce dried fruit. It can also be subjected to heat treatment, extraction, filtration, extraction, neutralization and decolorization to separate pectin. Fruit juice jam can be blended into various kinds of packaging such as plastic bottles, glass bottles, cans, etc., to meet the needs of various types of customers.
    Handling capacity: from 10 tons / day to 2,500 tons of days;
    Raw materials: various fruits, vegetables, etc.;
    Finished product: concentrated juice, clear juice, turbid juice, concentrated sauce, juice drink, etc.;
    Raw material solid content: 10-12 Brix;
    Final concentrated juice concentration: 65-72 Brix;
    Finished packaging: sterile large bags / glass bottles / PET bottles / stand-up bags;
    Capacity / packaging form: customized / customer defined according to customer needs.
Passion fruit processing line features:
    * This set of passion fruit processing production line has advanced technology, reasonable design, PLC automatic control, electrical components are all reliable foreign brands, greatly reducing the difficulty of operation technology before saving labor.
    *The parts in contact with the materials are all made of 304 stainless steel, which meets the food hygiene and safety standards. We have domestic advanced design and project management professionals, and have many years of experience in working with famous companies at home and abroad. We can undertake the whole processing line equipment for fruit and vegetable juice, fruit and vegetable juice, fruit juice, fruit wine vinegar, dried fruit and so on. Design, selection, manufacturing, installation and commissioning and turnkey projects.

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