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Mulberry jam juice production line introduction
Mulberry jam juice production line introduction
Mulberry jam juice production line introduction
Ingredients: fresh mulberry.
Finished products: mulberry juice, mulberry sauce, mulberry juice drink, etc. Capacity: 10 tons / day -2500 tons / day.
Juice yield: about 80% (20% for pomace and seeds).
Raw material solid content: 10- 12Brix.
Final concentrated juice concentration: 65~72Brix.
Finished packaging: sterile large bag / hall glass bottle / PET bottle.
Capacity / packaging form: customized / customer defined according to customer needs.
Mulberry juice processing technology:
Raw material collection and cleaning - picking fruit - juice extraction - preheating enzymes - disc separation - sterilization - filling - finished products. It includes raw material pretreatment system, juice extraction system, preheating enzyme system, filtration system and sterilization filling system.
Mulberry jam processing technology:
Raw material collection and cleaning picking fruit - preheating enzymes - two-way beating - sterilization - filling - finished products. Including raw material pretreatment system, preheating enzyme system, beating system, compounding system, homogenizing degassing system, sterilization filling system.
Mulberry processing production line system features:
1. This production line can be directly used to produce berry fruit juice and raw sauce such as strawberry and raspberry. Adding individual equipment can be used to produce apple, pear, thorn pear or similar fruit juice. The whole set of equipment can be filled into aseptic bulk bag. According to customer requirements, the daily processing capacity can range from 5 tons to 1000 tons.
2. It can be stored at room temperature for two years with 25-2201 aseptic bag filling method. At the end of the season, you can directly mix the juice into a variety of small packaged juice drinks with mulberry juice.
3. The mulberry processing production line adopts the belt juicer for juice extraction, the juice yield is bright, the original flavor is preserved, and the short-time preheating and enzyme cooling treatment is carried out after the juice is extracted, and the polyphenol oxidase such as the mulberry juice is passivated. The component oxidized by air plays a role in protecting the color and protecting the taste.
4. The process design and pipe connection arrangement of the whole mulberry processing production line are all reserved for the preservation of the original natural aromatic components of the fruit. The whole cooling and heating process and material transfer are completed in a short time and a short distance, effectively preventing the flavor generated by the thermal reaction. Material selection and loss, but also reduce the quality damage caused by the oxidation of the juice puree under high temperature conditions;
5. The operation control part of the mulberry processing production line adopts automatic control system, automatic fault alarm system, and comprehensive safety guarantee mechanism to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel; all electronic control system spare parts are from international famous brands, such as Siemens, Omron and so on.
6. Steam control in the production line of the mulberry processing line All types of valves (very important, related to product quality) are all world-renowned steam control systems, with precise control and high reliability, which effectively guarantee the quality of different batches of products - Sex, balance.

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