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Herbal tea beverage production line
Herbal tea beverage production line
Herbal tea beverage production line
The herbal tea beverage production line consists of the following four processing sections:
    (1) Water treatment section
        Explosion steam pool → quartz sand filtration → activated carbon filtration → precision filtration → first-stage reverse osmosis → ultraviolet sterilization → sterile storage.
    (2) Raw material processing section
    (3) Standard chemical section
        Preparation→fine filtration→high temperature sterilization→sterile storage→filling.
    (4) CIP cleaning section
        CIP cleaning system
Process characteristics of herbal tea beverage production line
    The whole set of equipment provided by the company is in line with food production requirements, and the parts in contact with the materials are made of stainless steel material ICR18N19Ti, which conforms to GMP standards. It can be installed on site and technically trained to implement turnkey projects.
        1. This process maintains natural temperature drop after leaching, high temperature clarification, and finally high temperature sterilization. Advantages: high clarity and stable clarification. The energy saving effect is remarkable.
        2, herbal tea drink water requirements are more stringent, generally use pure water as well, most of the metal ions in the water not only directly affect the taste of the bad, but also lead to tea turbidity precipitation.
        3, 70 ° C hot filling temperature, quasi-heat-resistant PET bottle packaging, quasi-hot filling production line equipment, can also be applied to preservative-free oolong tea, black tea, green tea, iced tea, lemon tea, sour plum soup and juice drinks, etc. Quasi-thermal filling of products (also used for high temperature hot filling and irrigation of pure water, mineral water, etc.).

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