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Fruit and vegetable juice production equipment
Fruit and vegetable juice production equipment
Fruit and vegetable juice production equipment
1. Overview of fruit and vegetable juice production equipment:
    Fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables (also some dried fruits) are used as raw materials. After washing and sorting, the juices of fruits and vegetables obtained by physical methods such as pressing, leaching and centrifugation are called fruit and vegetable juices. The fruit and vegetable juice is used as a base material, and the product is prepared by adding sugar, acid, flavor, pigment, etc., and is called a juice of fruit and vegetable juice. Fruit and vegetable juice contains various nutrients required by the human body, especially vitamin C is more abundant, can prevent arteriosclerosis, anti-aging, and increase the body's immunity. It is a drink that people love. The juices produced in China include citrus juice, pineapple juice, grape juice, apple juice, guava juice and carrot juice.
    The processing and production of fruit and vegetable juices is mainly based on juice production, and the production of vegetable juices is not large, but with the change of consumers' consciousness, the sales of vegetable juices are increasing year by year.
    Rich fruit and vegetable resources provide abundant raw materials for China's fruit and vegetable juice processing industry.
2. Vegetable juice production equipment - fruit and vegetable juice types:
    Concentrated juice: concentrated orange juice, concentrated apple juice, concentrated pineapple juice, concentrated grape juice, concentrated blackcurrant juice, etc.;
    Pulp drink: peach juice, strawberry juice, hawthorn juice, mango juice, carrot juice, etc.;
    Fruit juice drink: grain orange, etc.;
    Vegetable juice: mainly carrot juice, tomato juice, pumpkin juice and some compound fruit and vegetable juices;
    The world's juice consumption is the first orange juice, and apple juice is the second.
3. Vegetable juice production equipment - fruit and vegetable juice production process:
    Raw material selection - cleaning - crushing - juicing - coarse filtration - clarification and fine filtration - homogenization and degassing - concentration - adjustment and mixing - packaging and sterilization - finished products
Fruit and vegetable juice production equipment consists of:
    The main equipment for fruit and vegetable juice production includes enzymatic decanting tanks, hoists, blending tanks, extraction tanks, pulping tanks, sterilization tanks, blending tanks, concentration systems, buffer tanks, finished tanks, etc. Our company is committed to the research and equipment selection of beverage technology for fruit and vegetable juices (apples, oranges, grapes, corn, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, celery).
    Our company provides feasibility analysis report of vegetable juice production equipment project, provides the most advanced process formula, the most reasonable complete equipment plan, and installs and debugs the later equipment. We provide quality after-sales service and refurbishment of old equipment.
    The main vegetable juice production equipment - stand-alone equipment: storage equipment, batching equipment, fermentation equipment, extraction and concentration equipment, cleaning equipment, liquid transport equipment, sanitary valves, pipe fittings, etc.

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