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Apple vinegar production line
Apple vinegar production line
Apple vinegar production line
Apple vinegar production line product description fruit vinegar processing technology
    1. All solid state fermentation process
        Fruit raw materials→cut rotted parts→cleaning→crushing→add a small amount of rice husks, yeast→solid alcohol fermentation→add bran, rice husk, acetic acid bacteria→solid acetic acid fermentation→leaving vinegar→sterilization→aging→finished products.
    2, the whole liquid fermentation process
        Fruit raw materials→cutting and rotting parts→cleaning→crushing, juicing (removing pomace)→crude juice→inoculation yeast→liquid alcohol fermentation→acetic acid bacteria→liquid acetic acid fermentation→filtration→sterilization→aging→finished products.
    3, the pre-liquid post-solid fermentation process
        Fruit raw materials→cutting and rotting parts→cleaning→crushing, juicing (removing pomace)→crude juice→inoculation yeast→liquid alcohol fermentation→adding bran, rice husk, acetic acid bacteria→solid acetic acid fermentation→leaching vinegar→finished products.
    4, liquid fermentation method
        A fruit juice health vinegar production method, the fruit suitable for the popular fruit vinegar taste is made into a concentrated juice according to a conventional process, and then diluted with water, or made into a juice according to a conventional process, the total sugar content is adjusted, and the above dilution liquid is heated and then cooled. The fruit juice alcohol fermentation is carried out, and the vinegar fermentation method is divided into sections, and the fruit vinegar with pure taste is obtained in 20 hours, and the acid conversion rate of the wine reaches 96%. Crude juice or concentrated juice → inoculation yeast → liquid alcohol fermentation → adjust alcohol degree → acetic acid fermentation → finished product.
Health benefits of fruit vinegar
    Fruit vinegar is rich in nutrients. It is rich in acetic acid, succinic acid, malic acid, citric acid, various amino acids, vitamins and biologically active substances. It has a rich taste, rich flavor, fresh and refreshing, unique effect, and can soften. Blood vessels, lowering blood pressure, nourishing the skin, regulating the acid-base balance of body fluids, preserving sugar metabolism in the body, decomposing lactic acid and pyruvic acid in muscles to eliminate fatigue.
    1. Fruit vinegar contains more than ten kinds of organic acids and various amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, inorganic salts and trace elements required by the human body. Amino acids are an important part of vinegar. The taste, mellow and soft taste of vinegar comes from amino acids. The esters formed when amino acids react with alcohols are the source of fruit vinegar fragrance. The fruit is the primary food that provides the vitamins needed by the human body. The rich vitamins, amino acids and oxygen in the fruit vinegar can synthesize calcium acetate in the body and calcium, and enhance the absorption of calcium.
    2, the main component of fruit vinegar is acetic acid, followed by gluconic acid, lactic acid, succinic acid, tartaric acid, malic acid, fumaric acid, formic acid, ketoglutaric acid, pyroglutamic acid, etc., different types of vinegar, organic acids The content is also different. These rich organic acids can effectively maintain the acid-base balance in the body and regulate the body's metabolism.
    3, fruit vinegar is acidic, after the body absorbs metabolism, it becomes an alkaline food. Volatile substances and amino acids in vinegar have the effect of stimulating the nerve center of the brain and have the effect of developing intelligence. Medical research has found that the acidity and alkalinity of the human brain is related to IQ. Children with alkaline brains have higher IQ than acidic children, and the acidity and alkalinity of body fluids can be regulated by diet.
    4, fruit vinegar can improve the liver's detoxification function, regulate metabolism in the body, improve the body's immunity, has a strong anti-cancer, anti-cancer effect.
    5, the acid in the fruit vinegar can increase the secretion of digestive juice, which can play the role of stomach and digestion, increase appetite, and thirst. Drinking fruit vinegar before and after drinking can speed up the catabolism of alcohol in the body, so fruit vinegar has a great hangover effect.
    6. Fruit vinegar has unique features in beauty and skin care, and has a regulating effect on the blood circulation system. Its slightly acidic has a mild stimulating effect on the skin, which can balance the pH of the skin and control the secretion of oil.
    7. Fruit vinegar not only makes the metabolism of carbohydrates and proteins in the body go smoothly, but also burns too much fat in the human body to prevent accumulation. Long-term drinking has the effect of reducing weight, inhibiting and reducing the formation of lipid peroxide during the aging process, and delaying aging.
Several types of fruit suitable for fruit vinegar processing
    1. Apples Apples are rich in vitamins. The main ingredients in apples are carbohydrates, most of which are sugar, about 4% sucrose, about 6%-8% reducing sugar, 0.5% acid, mainly malic acid, aromatic ingredients. The alcohols accounted for 92%. The fruit vinegar brewed with apples has a light color, clear body, soft taste and apple flavor.
    2, Hawthorn The taste of the mountain is slightly acidic, micro-temperature, digestion, stomach, qi and blood circulation, elimination, phlegm and blood stasis, blood pressure has a very high nutritional and health value. The protein content is 0.7mg/100g, the Vc content is 89mg/100g, the calcium is 68-85mg/100g, and the total flavonoids is 7.77mg/100g. The flavonoids have preventive and therapeutic effects on hypertension and cardiovascular diseases, and the health care function is very Significant. The fruit vinegar brewed with hawthorn is clarified, brown, sour and soft, and has the unique fruity aroma of hawthorn.
    3, peaches delicious and rich, nutritious, fruit peach vinegar made of amber, a good gloss, with a strong vinegar and peach unique aroma, its sour taste, good taste, clear and transparent.
    4, kiwi is known as the "king of Vc", rich in nutrients, generally mature fruit contains 8%-17% sugar, acid content of 1.4%-2.0%, the fruit vinegar made from it is rich in a variety of amino acids and Vitamins and vinegars are green in color and have a sour taste. They have the unique aroma of kiwifruit.
    5. Wild jujube The fruit is round and purple. It has been determined that jujube contains 31 kinds of minerals and trace elements and multivitamins, of which Vc content is the highest, which can reach 830-1170mg/kg. Edible wild jujube fruit vinegar can regulate the acid-base balance of body fluids, and has better antihypertensive effect on patients with essential hypertension and some hyperlipidemia.
    In addition to the above fruit varieties, pear, bayberry, ponkan, blackcurrant, persimmon, persimmon, pumpkin, sea buckthorn, etc. can be used as raw materials for sugar vinegar brewing.

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